Getting Involved in your Childs Football

Players are entered into teams that are applicable to their age in each year. At Rosebud JFC a child must have turned 8 years of age to commence football. For children younger than this we recommend that they participate in the Auskick program. In many age groups the club may need to field more than one team and when deciding how to split children up we generally try to keep school groups together as much as possible and also take into account family relationships. The club aim is to keep team members to a manageable number and ideally this would see a maximum of 25 players in any team, however this is not always possible and some teams may have more players than this.

Training and Team Discipline:
All players are expected to attend all of their team training sessions and games at the time specified by the coach/team manager. When a player is unable to attend due to sickness or is unavailable for other genuine reasons a call to the team manager or coach is expected out of courtesy.
It is just not good enough to fail to show up because it is raining or cold. The coach may have a training plan that requires a certain number of players to be effectively run and without notice he is unable to re plan his training to suit. Poor attendance at training and poor behaviour may result in a player being offered minimal game time on game day.

Player Game Time:
Our coaches will endeavour to keep playing time as even as possible. In a team that has 24 players, and with all players in attendance, that would equate to three quarters of football per player. When our numbers grow beyond 24 it will mean that some players may only get half a game on some game days. Our coaches and team managers do their utmost to try and keep things fair for all so please have some understanding of the situation and if you are concerned raise it in a civil and correct manner after the game with the coach, team manager, club secretary or president.

Team Officials:
Each team requires a number of officials to run them. We must have a Coach, Team Manager, Trainer, and Runner registered for each team. Without these the team cannot participate in the competition.
  • Coach- The coach is responsible for running the weekly training sessions and coaching the players on game day. Coaches must be accredited at the appropriate level for the age group they are coaching. Accredited coaching courses are run pre-season at Dandenong and other locations which the club will meet the cost of and in return we ask our coaches to be involved for a minimum of two years. Coaches must have a current working with children check.
  • Team Manager- The team manager is responsible for ensuring that all roles are covered on game day, paperwork is completed properly and that all club communication reaches their players and families. Team managers’ will be trained by the club in the duties they need to perform and will have full support available to them. The team manager will require a working with children check.
  • Trainer- Each team is required to have an accredited trainer on game day and at training sessions. Trainers must complete an accredited trainer’s course and also have an up to date level two first aid qualification. Trainer’s courses are run preseason at Dandenong and other locations and the club arranges for first aid courses and refreshes to be run in house. The cost of these (approx. $300) is borne by the club and we ask that in return our trainers stay with the club for a minimum of two years. The Trainer will require a working with children check.
  • Runner- The runner is the coach’s message carrier on game day. This is not a difficult task however a little football knowledge is great in this role. There are certain rules that must be followed in this role and these are fully explained pre-season. The Runner will require a working with children check.
The Trainer and Runner will normally assist the Coach at training.

Game Day Team Duties:
In addition to the team officials there are a number of other jobs that must be performed on game day. The team who play the first match on the ground for the day will need to put up the goal pads, collect the scoreboard numbers, place the stretcher and setup the siren. The team playing the final game on the ground will pack up and return all of these items to the storeroom and also do a thorough clean-up of rubbish around the oval.
Each team must also provide the following:
  • Field Umpire (U10 games only)- This person plays a very important part in Under 10 football, he/she will have to have knowledge of the rules of the game, the club can provide a rule book if they are unsure. They will work with another field umpire from the opposition and must be able to keep the game under control out on the field. This person will also need to be able to show the players from both teams their mistakes so as they can learn from them.
  • Boundary Umpire (U11 – U16 Games only)- The Boundary Umpire must patrol the boundary of the field from end to end and is responsible for signalling when the ball is “out of bounds” or “out of bounds on the full”. The boundary umpire also returns the ball to the field umpire after a goal is scored. A moderate level of fitness is an advantage!
  • Goal Umpire- A goal umpire is required from each team to signal when a score is made. Goal umpires must keep tally of the score and meet in the centre of the oval at quarter time breaks to verify the running score total. In U10 games we signal the scores however no record is kept.
  • Water Person- This person will need to be able to run water out to the players on the field, anybody can do this job on the day, great way to get involved and keep fit.
  • Interchange Steward- The interchange steward records the numbers and time that players leave and enter the playing field. They also record the time a player leaves the field for Yellow card infringements and when they are eligible to re take the field.
  • Scoreboard Attendant- Home teams must provide a person to update the scores on the scoreboard during the game. This is not required for U10 games.
  • Time Keeper- The time keeper is provided with a timer and a horn to signal the commencement and completion of the quarters. The time keeper also keeps record of the score as a further check.
  • These are not difficult jobs however without each of these filled prior to the game the game cannot take place and will be forfeited. The team managers will roster these jobs on a weekly basis in advance and the club expects that every parent / guardian will take their turn in a suitable role. The committee will ask coaches not to play a child on game day if the rostered parent/guardian fails to show up or participate in their duties.

Parents and Players Codes of Conduct and Umpire Respect:
Also on this site you will find the respective codes of conduct which each player and parent must sign at registration time. Our coaches are also required to complete a code of conduct supplied by the League. Please read the codes of conduct and take them seriously as breaches can range from warnings to match suspensions or even be ineligible to continue to play for the club or for parents to attend your child’s game. We must remember that Umpires are not to be abused or ridiculed, as without umpires the game cannot go on.
A copy of the Code of Conduct can be found here.

Penalties for Players and Spectators:
Penalties for not following the code of conduct for players and spectators include:
  • A written warning from the committee and re signing of the code of conduct
  • A fine up to $500
  • Suspension from the club/association for a specified period or
  • Expelled from the club/association

Social Events:
During the season the club will hold various team or whole club events which we encourage all players and families to attend. These are great nights and can be anything from training functions to trivia events and talent contests to pie nights. Guaranteed to have a laugh and get to know other club families.

Presentation Day:
Presentation day is usually our final event for the football year. There are a number of trophies awarded to players in each team along with each player’s team photo. It is also our opportunity to recognise the club milestones and other recipients of special club awards.

Fee Payment:
The 2022 Committee understand that asking families to pay Registration Fees is a big ask for most.

We need players to register for forward planning and if families are in a position to pay we welcome them to do so.

We do require payment for players by Round 1. This is to ensure your player/s are covered by insurance. If they are uninsured the family has to bear all costs. We would not like to see this happen to any of our families.

The 2022  Committee have decided that we require a financial commitment from all players before Round 1.

In cases of financial hardship, options are available by arrangement with our Treasurer. Families must contact our Treasurer and make arrangements prior to Round 1.

We can also offer progressive payment schedules upon arrangement with our Treasurer.

Paying your fees is imperative in order to keep RJFC financially operative.

The Committee member’s details are all available on the club website, under Contacts, and you are welcome to call them with your ideas, concerns or just to provide feedback or ask questions at any time. You will also find many of them at the club on game day. Our committee members are elected to the committee positions at the AGM each year and we always welcome fresh members.

In Closing:
Each week there are many smaller jobs that need to be done. Things such as the jumpers need washing, maybe someone would like to cut up oranges for the players at the breaks, helping set up the ovals-putting the pads on the goal posts etc, checking the ground for safety issues if you are the first team playing for the day.

Also anyone wanting to help out at training, this is a great way to get involved and assist the Coach with drills and teaching the kids the skill of football.

Please respect our Code of Conduct when spectating. Remember it is a game - it is not the AFL. Our valued Coaches and helpers are volunteers and are giving up their time - speak respectfully at all times. Our Officials and Umpires do their best to maintain fairness. Mostly the Umpires are young adults - speak respectfully at all times. The Committee will take all breaches of our Code of Conduct seriously.

We have a fantastic club and it is thanks to the hard work of people like you getting involved and having fun at the same time. So at training, game day or footy functions don’t watch - get involved!